Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Hi, I’m Alexandra

I have been vegan since 2016, and baking since for as long as I can remember. I am a self taught vegan baker, which is something I am very passionate about. My journey to veganism actually sparked the thrill of baking in me, so it’s all thanks to my love for animals that I learned to make delicious food.

I actually started my vegan journey a long time ago. All through my life, I went through periods of being a vegetarian. As a child, I didn’t really know why I wanted to be a vegetarian, but I did know I just didn’t feel right eating meat. I went through a long pescatarian stage again in adulthood, but it wasn’t until I watched a documentary at the perfect time in my life that changed my view on things. In 2016, I went plant based with a focus on my personal health. It wasn’t long until I learned more and dug deeper to learn about animal suffering and injustice, and now I am passionately vegan for the animals.

I have a massive sweet tooth, and I love eating candies and cookies and cakes – you name it. If it’s dessert, I always have room! Naturally, my health kicks don’t last long with a mentality like this, but I try and keep a balance in life. Since I bake tons of desserts and goodies, I like to keep most of my other meals healthy and wholesome to keep that balance. I also have a husband and two kids I need to think about when I’m making dishes too. I want to set a healthy example for my girls, which means I can’t just eat cake all day long, so we all enjoy healthy meals together…with the occasional treat.

Sharing good food with family and friends is an excellent way to feed your soul. I’m sharing my recipes with the world in hopes that you will enjoy my food as much as my family and I do. Be sure to come back and comment on any of the recipes that you try – I love getting feedback and hearing how they work out for everyone else too!