Roti Indian Style Flatbread

Vegan Roti Flatbread Recipe

Roti is an Indian-style flatbread, made primarily of water and whole grain flour. I first learned about Roti when I was in high school, and saw my friends mom making it while I was visiting their home, but it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I actually tried roti. Since then, I have wanted to try making it, but had been to intimidated for whatever reason, and now I really don’t know why because  – with the exception of the technique required for puffed roti – it is really quite simple! I decided to give it a go to enjoy some homemade roti with our Lentil Dal for dinner, and the kids and I all loved it!
I have been doing some research to learn techniques different people use, and it seems that everybody has their own method of making Roti, many people maked puffed roti, and many people make flat or folded roti, but it all comes back to the same basic recipe of Flour, Water, Oil, and Salt. I didn’t have any whole grain flour to make a traditional Roti, so I made mine using all-purpose flour, and it worked out well. The hardest part for me, was rolling the dough into circles. Every time I took my rolling pin to the dough, they ended up in abstract shapes –  but I wasn’t aiming for perfection, I was just aiming for general success overall. 

Here is The Home Baked Vegan’s Recipe for Roti Flatbread:


2 Cups Flour
1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
1/2 tsp Salt
3/4 Cup Water

Using a fork or wooden spoon, mix the salt and flour together, then make a well in the dry ingredients.
Add the vegetable oil and water, and stir until combined. 
Once all of the ingredients are combined, transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface, and knead for approximately 5 minutes, or until smooth. 
Cut the dough into 10 – 12 equal sized pieces.
Using a rolling pin, roll each piece of dough into a 6″ circle – the dough should be quite thin.

Working one at a time, place one circle of dough onto a non-stick drying pan over medium-high heat. 

Cook for 1 minute on each side – for a total of approximately 2 minutes per roti.

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