Thai Coconut Noodle Soup with Tofu and Bamboo Shoots

It’s soup season, so what better way to warm up on a cold day, than with a big bowl of noodle soup. This is no ordinary noodle soup though, it is coconut milk based soup, with a hint of spice (add more chili powder if you like heat – I am feeding two young kids, so I tend to go easy on the heat), packed with bamboo shoots and tofu. I added some chopped kale and cauliflower to the next day’s leftovers as well, which was quite tasty.
The Home Baked Vegan’s recipe for Thai Coconut Noodle Soup with Tofu and Bamboo Shoots is:
Vegan (as always, this means the recipe contains no animal products)
Dairy Free
Egg Free
One pot meal
Here is the recipe for The Home Baked Vegan’s Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup with Tofu and Bamboo Shoots:


1 Yellow Bell Pepper
1 Package Extra Firm Tofu
5 Cups Vegetable Stock
1 tsp Grated Ginger
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Ground Turmeric
1/4 tsp Hot Chili Powder
1 Cup Coconut Milk
1 Can Sliced Bamboo Shoots, drained and rinsed
Zest from 1 Lime
Juice from 1 Lime
1 Tbsp Soy Sauce
100g Vermicelli/Bean Thread Noodles
2 Tbsp Green Onions, finely diced, for garnish


Press tofu, and cut into cubes.
Thinly slice the bell pepper.
Add the bell pepper, tofu, vegetable stock, ginger, garlic powder, turmeric, chili powder, coconut milk, and bamboo shoots into a large pot. 
Bring to a boil.
Add the lime zest, lime juice, soy sauce, and noodles, and reduce to a simmer. 
Let simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
Serve with green onions. 

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