Category: Dessert

Mocha Chia Pudding

I often enjoy a smoothie bowl for breakfast or a midday snack, but sometimes an extra kick of caffeine is needed to help this busy mom get through the day. I had some left over coffee that I had kept in the fridge from the day before, so I decided to put it to use […]

Blueberry Oat Crunch Bars

Blueberry Oat Crunch Bars are like healthy, individual sized blueberry cobblers. Actually they are quite reminiscent of the apple crumble granola bars you can buy at the store (except without the extra sugar, oil, animal products, etc.) My Blueberry Oat Crunch Bars are made with oats, whole wheat flour, no oil, and no processed sugar. […]

Berry Chia Pudding Parfait

This Chia Pudding Parfait is quick to make, healthy, and a great way to treat yourself to dessert without the sugar-guilt, or just enjoy it as a mid-day snack or even for breakfast! Really, just enjoy this whenever you feel like something special. It looks awesome, tastes just as delicious, and takes less than 5 […]

Coconut Cake Cookies

This past weekend, my husband asked me if it was possible to make oatmeal cookies without butter or sugar, so naturally, I accepted the challenge, and came up with these delicious oatmeal coconut cookies.  These Coconut Cake Cookies are so delicious and didn’t even make it through an afternoon at our house. They are a […]

Easy Whole Wheat Pie Crust

This pie crust is perfect for making pot pies, or any other pies for that matter! It is vegan, whole wheat, and easy to make so even the most novice pie baker can make their own crust. This recipe makes 8 – 12 individual-sized pie crusts, but can be used to make a large pie […]

Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding

The other day, I was wandering through the grocery store when I was approached by somebody in the Health Food Isle. She was looking for advice on Chia Pudding, so it was a good coincidence that she approached me of all people in that store: I love chia pudding! As I was driving home, I […]

Beet Juice Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are made with beet juice, so they take on a pink colour and are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The beet juice is mostly for colouring, as the cookies taste just like your favourite, melt in your mouth sugar cookies should.  Here is the recipe for my vegan, Beet Juice Sugar Cookies: Ingredients: […]

The Best Vegan Brownies

I know it’s not nice to boast or brag, but these really are the best brownies, and it’s just an added bonus that they are vegan friendly! Try this recipe for chewy, fudgy, delicious chocolate brownies: Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Ground Flax 6 Tbsp Water 1 Cup Sugar 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil 1 tsp Vanilla 1 […]