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Flaky Vegan Pie Crust Recipe

Vegan pie crust isn’t much different than making non-vegan pie crust. The only real difference is the fat that you use. They have vegetable shortening that is easily found in grocery stores in the baking isle. You could also use vegan butter, or even a combination of shortening and vegan butter together, however to make […]

The Best Vegan Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

You can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without a pumpkin pie dessert; well I suppose you could, but it just wouldn’t be the same! Pumpkin pie is amazing with a dollop of coconut whip cream; if you are looking for a non-traditional recipe,  try my recipe for Vegan Pumpkin “Cheesecake”, however, if you are looking for a […]

Vegan Coffee Ice Cream

with Marshmallow, Chocolate and Toasted Walnuts This Rocky Road inspired coffee flavored vegan ice cream is a fantastic treat to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon! This ice cream is made with a coffee infused cashew coconut base, creating a delicious smooth vegan ice cream perfect for loading with your favorite mix-ins.    I have […]

Lemon Blueberry Vegan Macarons Recipe

Lemon and blueberry is one of my favorite flavor combinations for Vegan Macarons. I added blue food coloring gel to the frosting in these macarons to make a beautiful color contrast with the yellow shells. Lemon Macarons are my favorite to make, because the fresh citrus flavor really balances out the rich sugary shells and […]

Chocolate Coconut No Bake Cake

Chocolate Coconut No Bake Cake is a vegan friendly, gluten-free, refined sugar-free dessert with a similar texture to cheesecake. The crust for this cake is made from coconut and rolled oats, and the main filling is a creamy coconut chocolate filling made with cashews, the dessert is then topped with coconut chocolate ganache. Every bite […]