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Vegan Coconut Chocolate Fudge Truffles

Vegan Coconut Chocolate Fudge Truffles are super simple to make. The recipe uses just four simple ingredients! These make perfect vegan-friendly desserts anytime of year, but I love to include them in my Christmas baking. How to Make Vegan Coconut Chocolate Truffles Making these vegan coconut fudge truffles is pretty simple. The hardest part is […]

Vegan Shepherds Pie

This Vegan Shepherds Pie is definitely on the list for must have comfort foods! Smelling homemade shepherds pie just makes me feel all warm and cozy and reminds me of being back at my parents house as a child. Actually, when I think of shepherds pie, I think less of shepherds pie and more of […]

Vegan Coffee Ice Cream

with Marshmallow, Chocolate and Toasted Walnuts This Rocky Road inspired coffee flavored vegan ice cream is a fantastic treat to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon! This ice cream is made with a coffee infused cashew coconut base, creating a delicious smooth vegan ice cream perfect for loading with your favorite mix-ins.    I have […]

Lemon Blueberry Vegan Macarons Recipe

Lemon and blueberry is one of my favorite flavor combinations for Vegan Macarons. I added blue food coloring gel to the frosting in these macarons to make a beautiful color contrast with the yellow shells. Lemon Macarons are my favorite to make, because the fresh citrus flavor really balances out the rich sugary shells and […]